• Have you ever come to the end of the day and you are kind of surprised at all that happened or didn’t happen throughout the day? As you lay your head on the pillow, do you feel good about how the day went or do you wonder what happened over the last 12-18hours? If that happens to you, I totally get it and I have been there! I would set out for the day with my to-do list and then I would run around completing tasks then by the end of the day, I would be exhausted but not feel like I accomplished much.Intention creates reality

    In the last year, I have been adding something to my morning routine and it has been a game changer. My friend and coach Dr. Kellee Rutley taught me this technique and it’s really made a big difference. Have you ever tried to set an intention for the day? It’s been a great addition to my day. I learned to make a list of feelings that I want to experience in my life, things like abundant, prosperous, calm, capable, grateful, fun, trusting, joyful, kind, open, curious, and focused. Then each evening before I go to bed, I review what’s planned for the following day and then I think about how I want to feel. I look at my list of feelings and decide then what I want to feel like during the day tomorrow. I find it really impactful to do this before bed, so that when I go to sleep, I’ve already implanted the idea of how I want to feel when I wake up the next day.

    The next morning, after I meditate, I reflect on the word(s) I’ve chosen and see if they still fit for the day. Once I decide, I share it with my accountability partner(s) and write it in my journal. This part is very important, by documenting it in writing and sharing it with a friend/partner, there will be accountability at the end of the day to see if your day’s intention was appropriate and you were able to hold the feeling all day. My accountability partners have also come up with some really awesome intentions for the day, so it’s expanded the words I have to choose from as we share them with each other.

    During the day, I will check in with myself and see if I am on target with this feeling and course correct if I need to do so. These little reminders help me focus on what is really important in my life and the priorities upon which I want my focus. There are days that really test my intention setting practice, when deadlines, parenting issues, or schedule changes threaten to derail the plan.  In those moments, I take a few moments to reflect on my intention and remind myself of the positive feeling I want to be experiencing. If I’m struggling, I will reach out to a friend and/or accountability partner who can help me focus on the intention and move forward throughout the day. I don’t always succeed in staying the course and do become derailed but as I gain more practice in this intention setting, those days become fewer and further between.

    During my evening routine, I write my gratitude list and reflect on how the day went and decide if I felt the way I wanted to for the day. When I’ve had a really good day intention wise, I sit with that feeling and am appreciative in my progress.  If it was a day that went off course, I sit with that feeling, ask myself how I could have course corrected and I might make a note to help in the future. Then I decide on the next day’s intention and the process begins again.

    The realization that what we think really does determine the outcome of our days is a powerful one. I spent many years letting life happen to me and blaming the outcome on the Universe, not realizing that I actually could control my thoughts which in turn would have an effect on the course of my days and ultimately my life. Intention setting is such a powerful but simple tool in starting the transformation process. It has been life changing for me and is definitely a factor in the life I am creating for my daughter and myself.