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    A few years ago, I realized I had created a neat little box in which to live my life, I followed the rules and relied on other people to make decisions and had a reasonably good life, I would go along to get along because I didn’t want to rock the boat by expressing my needs or my opinions.I gave all appearances of being happy and satisfied with my life, but internally I was stressed and dissatisfied. I wanted more than to survive and do what other people wanted. I wanted to break out of that monotony but I had no idea how.

    I tried online courses designed to help me break out of the rut, I bought more self-help books than I could count. I started the programs, I started the books, but after a while, when I didn’t see changes in my life, I stopped. Clearly these weren’t the right things for me, so I kept searching and searching. I was looking for the magic program, the next bright shiny object that would change my life into the one I dreamed about. I didn’t realize the most important thing about a life transformation…you can’t find it in a program or a book. You have it inside you all along and if you are quiet and listen, you will hear the voice inside you that tells you exactly what you need to do.

    IMG_6957Don’t get me wrong, programs and books are important, I am after all, a coach helping women transform their lives. But the bottom line is the answer is within you not someone else. Your WHY has to come from inside you and has to inspire and motivate you to do the work. Only then can you find the right person/program to aid you in your path of self-discovery. Making transformational changes in your life requires you to make a commitment to yourself and believe that you can do it. You have to find a big enough reason to make this change. For me, I decided I wanted and needed to be a role model to my daughter. I wanted to be someone she looked up to, a confident, loving woman who was living an intentional life. A woman who turned obstacles into challenges and sought the support of her tribe in order to overcome those challenges. I also wanted the transformation for myself. I spent a lot of years in survival mode and want to live a life of intention, fun, compassion, and love.

    IMG_6928I am now doing just that, I make goals and I stick to them. I am following a dream that lay dormant for 25 years. I moved my daughter, our dogs and myself 3000 miles across the country from the Boston area to San Diego. I have the support of incredible successful women who inspire me every day. There was no magic in this process; it definitely took some hard work. I had to look inward to thoughts and beliefs, I called myself on my excuses and saw them for what they are, resistance. I found a coach and a group of women all striving to live their best life and I make myself accountable by sharing my goals, struggles, successes and challenges. I am still very much a work in progress but I know that I can succeed in reaching my goals and dreams because I have proved it to myself and I have actually done scary things I never thought I would actually do.